Floor Hardener In Bangladesh

To improve Floor Hardeners & as well as Non-Metallic Floor Hardener in Bangladesh. These improve the wear and abrasion resistance of the slabs and help in increasing the life of industrial floors and slabs on the ground. When used along with our polypropylene fibers for improving impact resistance, an excellent quality Impact and Abrasion Resistant flooring are achieved. With proper mix design and slab design given by the consulting engineers, Crack Control Steel (Welded Wire Mesh) can be eliminated from floor slabs. Falcon Solution Ltd providing the best service for Floor Hardener in Bangladesh as the best applicator as well as a contractor with affordable prices. We are also providing the best service for waterproofing, Epoxy flooring, Vinyl flooring, Polished concrete, PU flooring in Bangladesh.

Floor Hardener in Bangladesh is an ideal cost-effective wear-resistant topcoat for heavy-duty industrial floors/slabs. This is well graded, rust-resistant ferrous aggregate available in two grades: Typical areas of application: Engineering workshops/foundries Railway platforms/locomotive sheds utility areas e.g. compressor, boiler & DG rooms Machine tool industries Garages Loading Bays Subways Warehouses incl.

All types of Floor Hardener plasters in Bangladesh, precast elements and concretes, where toughness is required along with the elimination of shrinkage cracks, reduction in permeability (improved water resistance) and various other parameters mentioned above.

  • Penetrates deep into the surface to harden and cut back the consistency of the surface.
  • It improves the sunshine coefficient and sharpening the surface winds up in permanent and engaging brightness.
  • It provides a rather protected surface that does not discolor or show pedestrian or conveyance wear marks.
  • It improves the chemical resistance and slip resistance of the surface.
  • Protects the surface against scratching or peeling, therefore, marking it dustproof.
  • Ready to use and can be merely applied.
  • It is applied in new likewise as recent construction.
  • VOC content is a goose egg, therefore it helps to earn LEED points in inexperienced building earning.
  • It is economical to use.

Area of Usage
  • Light Industrial plus commercial buildings
  • Basement and cellars
  • Mechanical workshops
  • Storage rooms
  • Corridors, halls
  • Educational institutions
  • Parking areas
  • Loading platforms