Damp Proofing in Bangladesh

There are several different types of damp problems that can affect a property. From condensation damp to penetrating damp to rising damp. There are other specific issues that can occur too. For example, wet rot and dry rot – and sometimes damp affects specific areas of a property in a particular way and requires a particular treatment, such as basement damp. It can get quite confusing because with so many different types of damp problems, many different damp proofing solutions are available too. When choosing a treatment it’s important that it is appropriate to the type of damp problem you have. Falcon Solution Ltd providing best service for dam proofing solution in Bangladesh as a best applicator as well as contractor with affordable price. We are also providing best service for 3D Epoxy flooring, Vinyl flooring, Polished concrete, floor hardener, Waterproofing in Bangladesh, Epoxy flooring in Bangladesh & PU flooring in Bangladesh.
So, here is a guide to the best damp proofing solutions for various damp problems.

Rising Damp

This is when water from the ground rises through the brickwork, stonework or through the mortar. It is unsightly and unhealthy, usually a problem in houses built pre 1925 when damp proof courses were not commonly installed. It is less common in modern properties, but can occur where the original damp proof course has become damaged or the ground level around the property has been raised with the addition of paths, flower beds or driveways, which have bridged the original damp proof course.

Penetrating Damp

Is the result of water successfully penetrating horizontally from the outside of the building through the fabric of the wall. It can affect all buildings and is most commonly caused by problems with the roof, brickwork or windows – leaky pipes, blocked gutters, defective pointing or poorly maintained brickwork. It can be damaging even if it does not penetrate all the way through a wall, potentially leading to more serious problems such as dry rot, wet rot or structural damage.


This is the most common form of dampness within a building, and can cause unsightly black spot mould patches, peeling paint work and a musty smell. Condensation happens in almost every property as a result of the moisture created by everyday living, from breathing to boiling the kettel, moisture is present in the warm atmosphere of your home and when the structure cools down the moisture condenses and settles on the cold internal surfaces.
Newton System 800 is a range of BBA approved damp proof membranes and ancillaries which are quick and clean to install and offer a permanent solution for treating damp walls.

Key Benefits:
  • Prevent any moisture and moisture vapour and associated salts and contaminants within the structure affecting the internal finishes by providing a physical barrier between the old damp wall and the new finish
  • Significantly prolong the life of the internal finish whilst still allowing for natural evaporation of dampness from the structure
  • Highly sympathetic to buildings and are fully reversible; a requirement when treating listed buildings in the United Kingdom
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Newton damp proof membranes hold BBA certification, and all our membranes are guaranteed against deterioration for 30 years and have a life expectancy of at least 50 years