Grouting in Bangladesh

How do the MasterFlow grouting product systems work?
MasterFlow is that the industry’s leading vary of grouting solutions from BASF that ar specially developed to deliver high-strength structural stabilization. MasterFlow merchandise offer superior strength and preciseness alignment even within the most tightened of environments.

What makes the MasterFlow system a novel grouting solution?
The MasterFlow merchandise ar designed for easy application and are available with an entire system support that's provided by the Master Builders Solutions consultants from BASF. Through our team of dedicated engineers and technical service force, we tend to develop a transparent strategy, distinguishing the proper grouting materials and solutions for lasting security, stability and alignment.

MasterFlow offers sturdiness and alignment even within the most tightened of environments.
Zero shrinkage and resistance to fatigue and vibrations ar preponderant to the MasterFlow line of building material and epoxy grouting merchandise. Our grouts ar capable of handling tensile, shear, compressive and dynamic forces, and guarantee effective bearing-load distribution once grouting base plates and machinery bases.